Morning Star Academy Students Name List 【Luna】

  • Name : Koyori Ohnuma
    Ruka Eremi
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 1/5
    Likes : Ribbons and floaty things.
    Teacher Observations : Grandaughter of the head of the world renowned Lunar Corporation. Often assists other classmates.
    Teacher Notes : She seems to posses many incredibly rare and valuable magic artifacts.
  • Name : Mei Takayanagi
    Rafina Soa
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 5/21
    Likes : Going shopping.
    Teacher Observations : Seems proficient in science and humanities, but is having trouble with classic literature. Assertive and active in most things.
    Teacher Notes : Disinterested in direct combat, she focuses heavily on helping other casters in battle. As she improves, she should be able to master healing magic and support magic for her servants.
  • Name : Runa Tsukinaga
    Glow Desire
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 11/11
    Likes : Accessories.
    Teacher Observations : Relatively quiet personality. She seems hesitant to assert what she wants usually, though there are occasionally exceptions. She doesn't seem too connected to any circle of friends. Average grades.
    Teacher Notes : There are times when she exerts more effort during fights, but she usually shows little interest and prefers to end things as quickly as possible, so that she can go back to being alone.
  • Name : Suzu Tachibana
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 8/4
    Likes : Collecting sparkly things.
    Teacher Observations : She has a tendancy to gather things she likes. Her school locker is stuffed full of various shiny objects that she refuses to get rid of. A fairly average student other than that.
    Teacher Notes : Due to her interest in shiny objects, she seems quite keen on using jewlery type servants. Her interests have also grown into independant study on how to make them more powerful as well.
  • Name : Yuzuki Otonashi
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 7/7
    Likes : Watching lunar phases.
    Teacher Observations : Relatively average grades, though she performs better in liberal arts than sciences, but even her science grades are acceptable. While not lacking confidence, she tends to overthink things.
    Teacher Notes : Usually able to maintain a calm composure during battle. She shows a fair amount of potential, particularly with learning capability, but her attitude holds her back. Instruction may be necessary.
  • Name : Momoka Mochizuki
    Twinkle Charm
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 6/26
    Likes : The beach.
    Teacher Observations : She enjoys making other people happy, even going so far as to volunteer outside of school hours. Her greats are tolerable. She's involved in many extra-curricular activities.
    Teacher Notes : Her personality prevents her from more aggressive actions during a fight. She may require instruction from staff to encourage her to be more combative when necessary.
  • Name : Seira Mizuki
    Luna Esperansa
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 12/8
    Likes : Cats.
    Teacher Observations : Somewhat severe, she often takes a confrontational tone. She had difficulty socializing on the first few days of school. She's a par tof the cleaning committee, which speaks to her truer good nature. Good grades in Japanese history and geography.
    Teacher Notes : She's quickly able to turn the opponent's strength against them, able to turn any opening into an advantage. Her actual magical capabilities are rather low, but with practice she shows great promise.
  • Name : Sakuya Kirishima
    Broom Schlein
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 5/30
    Likes : Reading mystery novels.
    Teacher Observations : SA girl raised as a shrine maiden in Kirishima. Though appearing to be a shy girl from a rural area, she's had little difficulty getting adjusted to her schoo life.
    Teacher Notes : Perhaps due to her work as a shrine maiden, she show sgreat interest in demons the cursed school belltower
  • Name : An Minamizawa
    Merril Laisse
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 10/29
    Likes : Making coffee portraits(She wants to work at a cafe.)
    Teacher Observations : A student who prefers not to get involved with things.
    Gentle and kind, a girl seeming to be always at peace.
    Very nonconfrontational. Teachers are concerned about her self sacrificial nature.
    Teacher Notes : Because she has many friends across the elements she has reservations about battle. Rather than attack directly, she would rather work alongside someone else and support them. Since she favors less offensive actions, she should focus more on disruptive magic.
  • Name : Kana Izuhara
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 8/11
    Likes : Window shopping at the expensive stores.
    Teacher Observations : Always working hard to reach her goal, but after she does she often loses her motivation for a time.
    She particularly enjoys science and mathematics.Comparatively average grades.
    She dislikes literature and geography, and has trouble with them.
    Teacher Notes : Often seeking victory without using her strength directly. Her effecient movements are highly valuable. As she often achieves victory this way, it seems that how she wins a battle is important to her.