Morning Star Academy Students Nmae List【Terra】

  • Name : Sakura Nishinotouin
    Glory Butterfly
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 10/6
    Likes : Collecting butterfly specimens.
    Teacher Observations : Top of the entrance exams. The picture perfect honor student. Respected by classmates, though she looks down on them.
    Teacher Notes : Incredible potential as a caster. The clear forerunner to succeeding the [Witch of Daybreak]. No creativity with spells, but her skill is unrivaled.
  • Name : Mayu Ono
    Eli Superior
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 7/17
    Likes : Anything exciting.
    Teacher Observations : Her family is the second highest donation contributor to the school. Her beauty has earned many scouting attempts from production recruiters, but she's demonstrated no interest in show business.
    Teacher Notes : As a caster, she's shown an intense desire to constantly improve. She's learned various magics quite quickly, making her a powerful opponent for other casters.
  • Name : Shiho Haseya
    Louise Bayli
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 10/8
    Likes : Daydreaming.
    Teacher Observations : Tends to become distracted during classes. Other students have said she frequently daydreams. She's adept at problem and puzzle solving if it piques her interest though. Passable grades.
    Teacher Notes : She seems content, for the time being, to simply resign magic to luck and not hone her actual abilities. She made need some guidance to encourage her to be more invested.
  • Name : Misora Hiraiwa
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 3/13
    Likes : Surprising people.
    Teacher Observations : A strange girl who does things seemingly without reason. She enjoys making people happy, and is the grandaughter of a globetrotting magician who's taught her various magic tricks.
    Teacher Notes : She's been praticing to create deceptive magic that can turn battles in her favor. Her history with illusion seems to be inspiring her to pursue studies in magic with considerable vigor.
  • Name : Saya Ichijyou
    Princess Papillon
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 11/3
    Likes : Classic ballet.
    Teacher Observations : She was accepted into a prestigious ballet school, but chose to attend here instead. She's been rather antisocial since beginning school here, and doesn't talk much with her classmates.
    Teacher Notes : Shows promise with tactical combat, but currently has difficulty relying on other casers and supporting servants. If she can become more social with other students, her true skills could reveal themselves.
  • Name : Rurico Himeno
    Loura Harie
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 6/7
    Likes : Watching movies.
    Teacher Observations : Her English grades are particularly high, probably because her mother's a translator. She's strong willed and most students prefer not to talk to her. If she can find some others with similar interests, she should be able to make some friends.
    Teacher Notes : She's been studying casters from other countries to learn different techniques. With high competancy in aether production and use, she shows great promise.
  • Name : Hanna Miyama
    Iroha Maltz
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 5/13
    Likes : Beekeeping.
    Teacher Observations : She seems to enjoy botany and lepidopterology more than interacting with other students. She doesn't seem to enjoy being around other people. She's currently working a part-time job. Hopefully it will make her more sociable.
    Teacher Notes : Her defense magic is particularly potent. She seems uneasy about fighting other casters, however. Currently she does not seem an appropriate candidate to succeed the [Witch of Daybreak], but if she can improve her attack spells, it is possible.
  • Name : Yume Ihara
    Shura Psyche
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 11/26
    Likes : Reading manga, guitar, walking.
    Teacher Observations : Fickle and prone to whimsy.
    She has trouble focusing in class, especially with science. She seems adept at her work as a class representative, handling very efficiently.
    Very friendly, she speaks to anyone, anytime.
    Teacher Notes : A very assertive combatant as a caster. Even in battle she is prone to unusual decisions, giving her talents in several areas.
  • Name : Saki Kurumizawa
    San Tonal
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 4/15
    Likes : Playing with her cat.
    Teacher Observations : Poor with physics and social studies., and she shows nos trong desire to improve them. That said she does have her strong subjects as well. Her language skills in both Japanese and English are very high.
    She has no particular interest in clubs.
    Teacher Notes : Though often very laid back and lazy, she takes battle as a caster seriously. Her lack of self control inhibits her ability to become the witch of daybreak.
  • Name : Haru Saeki
    Haru Michelle
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 7/27
    Likes : Watching comedy.
    Teacher Observations : High intituin and very good at seeing through deceptive problems. She often takes an unconsious role of peacekeeper between students. English and mathematics are her vital subjects.
    Teacher Notes : Her skills are still fairly limited. Her combat abilities are considerably weak. Her lack of confidence and frequence to be easily frightened are her biggest weaknesses. She will need confidence to proceed any further.