Morning Star Academy Students Name List 【Solis】

  • Name : Yuina Kubo
    Orange Peko
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 1/10
    Likes : Collecting rabbit ear headbands.
    Teacher Observations : Average grades. Parents work at a patisserie. She seems fairly quiet.
    Teacher Notes : Her personality flips as a caster, becoming bold. Proficient with summoning.
  • Name : Manami Kawada
    Mia Laira
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 9/21
    Likes : Talking with friends.
    Teacher Observations : Sociable and gets along with most everyone. She seems to enjoy doing things in groups. Good grades, a hard worker by all accounts.
    Teacher Notes : Proficient at supporting her servants in battle. If she continues improving her defense and summoning magic she could succeed the [Witch of Daybreak].
  • Name : Kaya Tomari
    Tricker Heather
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 3/5
    Likes : Observing things from afar.
    Teacher Observations : Is constantly eating sweets and shows no interest in sports. It might be good to advise her to eat more healthy.
    Teacher Notes : Skilled at taking the opponent's energy and turning it into her own. With more training she could become a powerful producer of aether.
  • Name : Suzume Yabuki
    Lufue Yuni
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 5/18
    Likes : Doughnuts and other sweets.
    Teacher Observations : She seems to enjoy challenging her weaknesses, and performs well in most subjects. However she doesn't handle unexpected failure very well. She does particularly well in history and music, but is having some trouble in math.
    Teacher Notes : She usually trusts her magic to luck rather than skill. Even so she's confident in her attacks.
  • Name : Hina Kujyou
    Mona Styla
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 4/12
    Likes : Flowers and gardens.
    Teacher Observations : She seems somewhat reserved, but is a good listener. Her classmates often come to her for help. Average grades, no particularly outstanding flaws.
    Teacher Notes : She's been secretly practicing her magic control on her own time. She's studying to predict her opponent's moves.
  • Name : Natsume Hoshigaoka
    Nebula Soleil
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 10/11
    Likes : Konpeito Candy
    Teacher Observations : Frank and good natured, she seems to enjoy trying all sorts of different things. A true jack of all trades, in a sense. She seems to have trouble in class on Wednesdays.
    Teacher Notes : She tries something different each time she fights as a caster, and has a growing repitoire of abilities. Her magical apptitude is expected to increase over time.
  • Name : Hitori Kusaka
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 12/3
    Likes : Cooking.
    Teacher Observations : Shy and somewhat negative about herself., despite her excellent grades. She isn't popular but has a good number of friends. Her parents are doctors, its possible she feels pressured by them to succeed. Her goal is to be a patissiere.
    Teacher Notes : She doesn't show interest in combat and seems to dislike being a caster. Rather than fight directly, she aims for weakpoints to disable her opponent.
  • Name : Aria Itsuki
    Aria Citrus
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 10/23
    Likes : Black Tea
    Teacher Observations : She over thinks, and tires herself out too often. She's been making friends at her club, hopefully they will help her.
    Teacher Notes : A dilligent caster in battle, ofte considering how to improve her weaknesses.
  • Name : Mao Mizoguchi
    Lilia Chocolate
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 4/17
    Likes : Swimming
    Teacher Observations : Good grades. She asks poigniant questions to teachers. A strong desire to learn. She watches other students study as well.
    Teacher Notes : Ever experimenting, and often seeking new magic and servants.
    She is still rather weak with summoning servants, but it is expected she will improve.
  • Name : An Mitarashi
    Gentry Gold
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 7/23
    Likes : Likes: Sweets, tea, singing
    Teacher Observations : Stubborn and obstinant, she frequently gets into squabbles with her friends. However, she always apologizes once she calms down. A skilled archer, she often does well in competitions.
    Teacher Notes : She is better at working with other casters than as a lone agent. She seems reluctant and hesitant to engage in battle with other casters, but she still participates. It seems she is finding her own reasons to fight.