Morning Star Academy Students Nmae List【Aes】

  • Name : Miwa Torii
    Maisey Queen
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 5/14
    Likes : Cute things.
    Teacher Observations : A famous child actor. She took a year long break from acting to study for the entrance exams. She appears in a lot of TV commercials.
    Teacher Notes : She has many social connections in the entertainment industry. Her influence combined with magic could be an unparallelled destructive force.
  • Name : Mira Amane
    Chaleur Suu
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 3/14
    Likes : Pretty colored things.
    Teacher Observations : She attends the school on an art scholarship. She shows no particular difficulty with other subjects either. She's demonstrated a fair amount of skill with English, often helping other students. She has many friends and works a part time job on the weekends, drawing the eyecatch menus on blackboards for restaraunts.
    Teacher Notes : She maintains a calm composure during battle. She has trouble with summon and defensive magic, some extra instruction on those subjects may prove to be beneficial.
  • Name : Kurumi Wakui
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 3/2
    Likes : Sweet smelling things.
    Teacher Observations : A gentle personality that gets along with most everyone. However, she doesn't seem particularly assertive in making more friends. Hopefully she becomes more sociable. Her grades in biology are above avergae, but she struggles with classical literature.
    Teacher Notes : As a caster, her overall power seems rather low. She's often working together with other casters in battle. As such she should b eurged to master skills that can aide her comrades.
  • Name : Hana Momoi
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 1/26
    Likes : Bicycling.
    Teacher Observations : Strong willed and unafraid to speak her mind. Untile recently she was riding the trains to school, but has recently started riding her bicycle. She has perfect pitch and is quite skilled in singing and English. Though she shows no interest in literature, her entrance exam scores in the subject where high. She doesn't seem to belong to any particular social group, preferring to work at her part-time job after school instead.
    Teacher Notes : Her desire to succeed on purely her own abilities has made her rather reluctant to becoming a caster, instead desiring to make a name for herself elsewhere.
  • Name : Kaoru Shida
    Citra Cayce
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 2/16
    Likes : Collecting craft stickers.
    Teacher Observations : Her mother is a well known author and blogger of lifestyle manuals. She's quite adept at organizing and handling most things. She's recently gotten involved in a club at the request of a friend. Her grades are average in all subjects. Hopefully she will find a subject she excels at in the near future.
    Teacher Notes : In battle she's rather good at summoning magic and supporting. With continued practice, there is much potential for her to grown and improve.
  • Name : Izumi Matsuka
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 1/19
    Likes : Perfume bottle collecting.
    Teacher Observations : Fairly gentle personality. She's taken an interest in birdwatching recently. Since starting at the school her grades in English and social studies have been strong. It is expected that her other grades will rise to that level as well as time goes on.
    Teacher Notes : Since becoming a caster, she has shown an interest in improving. However, her attack and defense magic is rather poor. She may require instruction to work on those qualities.
  • Name : Iroha Murase
    Clara Shurei
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 5/2
    Likes : Cute pop idols.
    Teacher Observations : She barely passed the entrance exams, by cram studying. She is not given much to studying, but shows an aptitude for home economics, particularly tailoring and sewing. She has trouble with physics, but has been getting help from other students in math and English, and her grades are improving. She's usually calm but exudes a great energy when talking about her interests.
    Teacher Notes : She's been overexerting herself when it comes to magic, recently. She certainly has some skill as a caster, but she also needs to take things at a more even pace.
  • Name : Sahoko Mitazono
    Tenel Frula
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 7/28
    Likes : Cleaning, cooking.
    Teacher Observations : The eldest of three sisters.A favorable classwork attitude.She shows particular skill with biology and social studies. She often looks after her other classmates.
    A good listener. She's often looking around for people to help.
    Teacher Notes : She fights much better when helping to support other casters. If she could realize her own abilities as an individual she could perhaps achieve even greater success.
  • Name : Nachiru Shiromi
    Oar Schlein
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 5/30
    Likes : Walking while looking at old maps.
    Teacher Observations : Sakuya Kirishima's twin sister.
    They were separated at birth due to an ill omen. Her name was changed so as to keep them apart. She has poor confidence in her appearance and dislikes public speaking.
    Teacher Notes : She was noticeably surprised at her joining the Aes element due to a longstanding complex she has about her appearance.
  • Name : Ayumi Ikuyama
    Ayumi Ikuyama
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 6/22
    Likes : Magazing scrap booking.
    Teacher Observations : Somewhat of a trendy girl. Once she starts something, she never rests until she gets it done. She has trouble with asking for help.
    She does not seem particularly sociable with classmates, but recently the number of peopl she speaks with has been increasing.
    She struggles with school work, but the subjects she enjoys, she puts her whole heart into.
    Teacher Notes : While she often completes things on her own, she is known to suddenly work with others. She shows no particular weaknesses as a caster.