Morning Star Academy Students Name List 【Aqua】

  • Name : Ema Ashiya
    Chakoru Senti
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 10/17
    Likes : Astronomical observation.
    Teacher Observations : Nishinotouin scored better overall, but her science scores where flawless. She's published several theses recognized globally.
    Teacher Notes : Uses chemistry and magic to create new spells. Requires careful observation.
  • Name : Mahiro Inuzuka
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 11/29
    Likes : Swimming.
    Teacher Observations : She is embarassed easily, and hides it through overconfidence and aggression. Other students refer to her as a tsundere. Originally accepted on a sports recommendation, she has shown to be a fair student with a positive attitude. She's quick to fight, but recently there's been little trouble and she seems to have many friends. She does well in physical activities but is also rather proficient with social studies and history.
    Teacher Notes : Her skills show a fair amount of promise to grow in the future. She hates to lose however, and gets too caught up with rivalries.
  • Name : Rui Saotome
    Deshi Lion
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 9/7
    Likes : Drawing geometrical shapes.
    Teacher Observations : A good conversationalist, she seems quite good at making fast friends. Her attitude during class depends on the day, but its usually favorable. Her recent grades with physics and math have been exceptional. She has trouble with history and geography.
    Teacher Notes : She has many friends across the elements, and as such, dislikes fighting other casters. However, she is quite strong and still tries her best not to lose.
  • Name : Akira Nakaya
    Saira Treverse
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 12/20
    Likes : Experiments.
    Teacher Observations : Excellent grades. Her humanities grades aren't exceptional, but her average more than makes up for it. She does, however, have trouble with physical education, particularly outdoor activities. Even so, her ability to concentrate is incredible, especially under pressure.
    Teacher Notes : Her ability to concentrate transfers very well to battle with other casters. She's progressing fairly well, but more effort to unlok her potential may be required.
  • Name : Kotoko Mizusaku
    Zoi Russel
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 7/10
    Likes : Collecting secondhand books.
    Teacher Observations : Very calm demeanor. Her expression rarely changes, making it hard to tell what she's thinking. Her grades in chemistry are exceptional. During class experiements, her expression changes. She seems curiously unbothered by cold. Supposedly, she dislikes ghost stories.
    Teacher Notes :
  • Name : Shizuku Mizumoto
    Hilde Willow
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 8/17
    Likes : Astrology.
    Teacher Observations : She shows severe disinterest in anything she does not like, often not even responding during conversations. She opens up immdiately if the conversation shifts towards something she likes, however. Recently she's been better at holding normal conversations with friends. She maintains a cold demeanor to others. Her grades are comparatively favorable.
    Teacher Notes : Unusual competency with divination type magic, allowing her to effectively predict her opponent's movements during battle. She's shown an overall apptitude at being a caster.
  • Name : Karen Kashima
    Karen Urania
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 1/30
    Likes : Reading astronomy books.
    Teacher Observations : Her father is an astronomer at a famous astronomical observatory and research center. Like her father, she demonstrates a great interest in astronomy. Her goal is to become a cosmo-chemist. She excels in chemistry, physics and other sciences, but has trouble with physical education and music.
    Teacher Notes : She seems to lack a clear motivation to progress as a caster, but she continues to work hard because she doesn't want to give up on her dreams for the future.
  • Name : Tomoka Nakamura
    Broom Spica
    Class : 3
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 9/14
    Likes : Science, experiments, reading, walking.
    Teacher Observations : Originally a very confident and strong girl, set in her ways. She hates ambiguity, often seeing things only as black and white. Her unbending nature often leads to arguments with friends, though she apologizes for her actions afterwards.
    Her mathematics, physics, and chemistry grades are quite high.
    Teacher Notes : VSince becoming a caster, she has shown great assertion in battle. Battling with her friends has made it easy for her to enjoy her new life.
  • Name : Hakari Shikimori
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 2/14
    Likes : Weight training, cooking.
    Teacher Observations : Her mathematics grades are high.She has a tendancy to ignore everything around her when trying to solve a problem, but she's made out alright so far. Fairly proficient with her studies.
    Teacher Notes : She fights hard to become a powerful witch in the future. She maintains motivation after achieving her goals, but if something suggests to her that her desires may be difficult to achieve, she quickly gives up. Knowing this, teachers have been encouraging her to perservere.
  • Name : Kaede Himuro
    Lady Lupinus
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 2/23
    Likes : Collecting antiques.
    Teacher Observations : A quiet, refined girl from a well off family.In and out of school, her attitude is favorable.
    Narrow outlook due to her strong convictions.
    Teacher Notes : Very inflexible in her deisions, making it tough for her to improve. She does, however, work very hard to improve her own weaknesses.