Morning Star Academy Students Nmae List【Ignus】

  • Name : Tsubasa Koga
    Passion Wing
    Class : 1
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 10/6
    Likes : Making collages.
    Teacher Observations : Determined with everything, but an almost stereotypical poor student. Appears rather unathletic.
    Teacher Notes : Not much is expected but she hids a strong anger. If she becomes a witch, it has the chance to become a great power.
  • Name : Jun Fujinami
    Class : 4
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 11/27
    Likes : Exercising.
    Teacher Observations : Usually calm but becomes aggrivated fairly easily, more so in expression than words. Adept at mental math, but has trouble with more visual problems.
    Teacher Notes : Strong command of destruction magic. She is ready to fight without question. She wants to prove herself in combat since other students have bested her in school.
  • Name : Riko Kohashi
    Shera Angellica
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : B
    Birthday : 2/26
    Likes : Reading fairy tales.
    Teacher Observations : Well known as a trendy girl since Middle School. She often says whatever comes to mind, but seems to still make many friends. Her grades are below average. Her writing, however is exceptional, and she's participated in several literary contests.
    Teacher Notes : Highly uninterested in becoming a caster and fighting. She dislikes fighting, but it may be because she has yet to realize her potential.
  • Name : Honoka Fuyuki
    Class : 7
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 4/10
    Likes : Ceramics./td>
    Teacher Observations : Overall good attitude in and out of class. Shows particular aptitude for social studies and has trouble with math and physics .
    Teacher Notes : She has difficulty fighting on her own as a caster, often asking for help from others during a fight. However, she holds an enormous amount of magical power, enough to make her a worthy candidate for the successor to the [Witch of Daybreak].
  • Name : Shino Hidaka
    Kiro Centura
    Class : 2
    Blood Type : A
    Birthday : 7/22
    Likes : Collecting feather pens.
    Teacher Observations : A typical sports-minded girl. She hates to lose in all things, but is also quite kind, often helping to mediate arguments between other classmates. She doesn't like things goin unsolved, and frequents the staff room after class for answers.
    Teacher Notes : She prefers to fight alongside allies rather than alone. She tries to help other casters when she is able.
  • Name : Risa Ibuki
    Flame Rouge
    Class : 6
    Blood Type : AB
    Birthday : 8/24
    Likes : Lamp collecting.
    Teacher Observations : Dilligent and serious, with a strong sense of right and wrong. Very proficient with science and mathematics, and shows promise for the future.
    Teacher Notes : Displays a belligerent attitude during combat. Surprised at her magical ability, she's been trying to memorize spells one after the other, but is showing some difficulty.
  • Name : Nagi Sawara
    Crimson Nicola
    Class : 5
    Blood Type : O
    Birthday : 9/18
    Likes : Track.
    Teacher Observations : Popular among classmates and well known as someone who gets carried away when talking about the things she likes. Seems she's considered to be somewhat frivolous.
    Teacher Notes : Skilled with summoning magic, she's excitable in battle. She's been ecouraging other casters who are less enthused than she is. She could prove a valuable asset in the future.